Stephen’s Theater

Artist's Rendering

Dedicated October 22, 2015
Bach’s Big Playground
In Memory of Stephen Easter (2005-2013)

Stephen EasterIn the summer of 2013, the Bach community lost one of its own students, 8-year-old Stephen Easter. Stephen loved being a student at Bach. He loved exploring nature, he loved music and performing, and he loved to make people laugh. He touched many lives at Bach and in the Ann Arbor community.

In the fall of 2013, a vision emerged to remember him and to embrace his boundless sweetness, creativity and energy. Stephen’s Theater was conceived as a fitting tribute to him. Together, the Bach community worked to build this theater, and no one was more dedicated to making it happen than Stephen’s classmates (pictured below). They shared many clever and thoughtful ideas, raised money to build the theater, and enjoyed happy times together as they worked to reach their goal. Stephen’s Theater would not be what it is today without each of them.

Because of their efforts, Bach Elementary is proud to have Stephen’s Theater: A place to sit, read, watch soccer, learn, play, perform, leap from stone to stone, imagine, and remember.

Bach Classmates(Photo Credit: Tom Clynes)